OGUMA Intensive Hydrating and Soothing Facial Mask 23ml 4pcs/box

OGUMA Intensive Hydrating and Soothing Facial Mask 23ml 4pcs/box
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Oguma's unique "Crystal Diamond Condensate Silk Cream Mask", (Intensive Hydrating and Soothing Mask) combined with four effects of make-up water, essence liquid, emulsion, and cream. Every smart women's investment makes real maintenance more efficient! In just 15 minutes, it moisturizes the skin immediately and focus on repairing the skin damage during the day by forming a protective layer on the skin surface to protect against the damage of environment adverse factors. It helps after staying up late, on the plane or the season alternating use, to increase skin resistance and moisture. During one night intensive repair, it improves to resume surface from tired face, regain a rich moisturizing feeling, restore elasticity and luster, makes skin instantly to restore young vigor!

Progressive Cream

"Crystal Diamond Condensate Silk Cream Mask" combined with the extraction of olive horn, natural moisturizing extract and small molecular hyaluronic acid, and aggregated three immediate anti-aging formula. It continously introduces the muscle bottom, through the small molecule hyaluronic acid, micro-fine molecular weight, penetrate into the bottom of the skin, moisturizes skin both inside and outside, squalene supplement skin with natural sebum, natural moisturizing ingredient can improve fine lines, strengthen skin protection, maintain healthy skin. Natural moisturizing essence has a superior moisturizing effect, can extend the time to be moisturized. It can improve skin firmness and moisture in a short time just within 15 minutes, and restores skin luster, reproduce the delicate skin condition, achieve long-lasting moisturizing function. With super meticulous clothing paste silk cloth film, it completely the clothing affix to each skin, then absorb the nutrition ingredients in the mask, moisturizing repair, so that the face regain luster, full of vitality!

Ingredients and Features

Horn Shark Olive: moisturize skin, soften skin, moisturize, improve wrinkles, and maintain healthy skin.

Hyaluronic Acid: can penetrate to the skin cuticle, inside and outside the skin can maintain moisture, low viscosity skin comfort is good.

Nicotinic Amide: Vitamin B3, for brightening.

Compound Plant Factor: the composition of European chestnut. Licorice and other plants can inhibit and relieve external stimulation, and achieve local sedation and soothing effect.

Natural molecular polymers: the natural fermentation of dextran, can improve the skin wettability, in the instant of the smear skin smooth, elastic-run tight.

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